Handmade, eco-friendly macrame!

The Story of Slow Yarn

The Slow Yarn Mission

Mindfulness, Happiness and Creativity.... One Knot at a Time!

Hello! I'm Sally - maker and creator of Slow Yarn. Slow Yarn began with my journey in 2019 to slow down my busy life and make the decision to follow my heart and pursue a new creative handmade business idea. 

And so began on ongoing journey to embrace the everyday little moments of happiness, to slow down, to be truly present in my life, to get my creative energy flowing, and to live mindfully, with gratitude and purpose. 

In May 2020 I officially launched Slow Yarn!

Slow Yarn is about sharing with others my love of macramé and the inner calm, happiness and creative energy that comes from macramé – one knot at a time. 

The Making Process 

Each Slow Yarn macramé piece has been designed and handmade by me in my Brisbane studio... aka my vintage caravan 'Shirley'.

I love making and creating - whether it's macramé, weaving, calligraphy, or sewing aprons, skirts or handbags. The process of creating, which usually looks like cosy mornings in my caravan, sipping on coffee, with Frank Sinatra or Billie Holiday playing on my record player, brings me so much joy.

For me, this is mindfulness, happiness and creativity at its very best! 

Macramé is my number one creative love! I love creating beautiful, modern, bold, tactile pieces in gorgeous colour palettes. I love colour and texture! 

I work with only the highest quality, eco-friendly yarn and fibres and also love incorporating recycled and pre-loved fibres and textiles into my weavings. Each piece I create has its own unique character, charm and the occasional imperfection (which adds to the beauty if you ask me!) 

Thank you for shopping handmade and local! 

Slow Yarn macramé pieces are created to bring happiness, calm and a pop of colour to your life!

I hope you love my collections as much as I have loved making them.

If you're keen to have a go at making your own macrame, check out our DIY Kits and Mindful Macramé Workshops - available in Brisbane and online!

Custom designs are also available - please get in touch to have a chat! 

Love Sally x